Pole Barns

    Pole barns or "post-frame" construction is generally more affordable than other types of construction due to fewer materials needed, less labor cost, and shorter construction times.
    With no need for interior load-bearing walls, pole barns offer a wide-open space that can be customized according to the user's needs.
    Compared to traditional methods, pole barns construction typically requires less time, allowing for quicker project completion.
    Pole barns can be used for a variety of purposes, including agricultural facilities, commercial buildings, workshops, garages, and more.
pole barn with steel trusses

About Pole Barns

Georgia Metals is a leading provider of pole barns, striving to be the ultimate destination for all your building needs. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier, quality pole barn building packages directly to our customers. Each package comes with everything necessary to construct your building on a level pad.

We specialize in three distinct styles of pole barns, catering to a wide range of uses and aesthetic preferences. To streamline the process and enhance your experience, we have incorporated a sophisticated quoting program. Each quote includes wood trusses, a complete blueprint, intricate framing details, and an exact cut list for all materials, ensuring you have a full understanding of your project.

While we excel at creating standard size pole barns, we understand the need for customization. Our packets include standard sized buildings such as 24'x24', 30'x36', and 40'x60'.

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