Oil Canning Disclaimer

What is Oil Canning?

Oil Canning is a naturally occurring phenomenon that appears as a waviness or dimpling in the surface of metal roofing and wall panels. Oil Canning does not affect the structural integrity of the product and is not a cause for rejection or for reimbursement.

Georgia Metals and each of our subsidiaries, as fabricators and distributors of metal roofing products, work hard to mitigate the appearance of "Oil Canning" by offering the following additional options that often tend to help in minimizing the visibility of Oil Canning:

  1. Increase the thickness of the panel. We offer metal roofing options in a variety of gauges. Choosing a thicker option/heavier gauge can help to reduce the risk of Oil Canning.
  2. Add striations to the panel profile. Adding striations to our standing seam panel profiles is an effective way to minimize the risk of Oil Canning.
  3. Installation is key. Be sure that you've chosen a qualified roofer to install your metal roofing system. Over-tightening fasteners and the mishandling of roofing panels are preventable factors that often contribute to Oil Canning.